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Pelco's patented design of Ladder stile features strong, stringy Mountain Ash edges bonded to a light weight Pine core and with a fully encased fiberglass rod bonded in.  Centre laminate timber which is not under bending stress is scalloped out to reduce weight without reducing strength.  This design produces Ladder stiles which are strong, lightweight, hard wearing and rigid.

High strength tempered aluminum "D" section rungs are set in a bed of hard epoxy resin which has soaked into the wood. This produces a very strong and rigid joint which will not become loose.

Precision manufactured steelwork ensures easy functioning, while Pelco's new safety clutch prevents dangerous free-fall of the top section.

Lamilite Ladders are smoothly finished, attractive to look at and pleasant to handle. They don't make hands black and they don't conduct dangerous electricity.

Consider these features:

LIGHTWEIGHT - The unique features of Lamilite Ladders provide a weight saving of up to 30% over traditional timber ladders. Lamilite Ladders compare favorably in weight with fiberglass Ladders and tradesman's quality aluminum Ladders.

RIGID -Pelco's unique rung/stile joint produces Ladders which are far more rigid and stable than most other types of Ladders.

DURABLE - Hardwood edges on the stiles increase strength and resist wear and weathering.

STRONG - Fully enclosed bonded fiberglass reinforcing rods cannot break or conduct electricity. A permanent safety feature.

SAFE - Safety grip alloy rungs save weight and do not break. Pelco’s unique spring loaded Safety Clutch prevents dangerous free fall of the top section.


Pelco's Extension Ladders come in three basic designs:

We make Pole Becket versions for Electricity Linemen and Communications installers. These feature a Pole Becket made up of three layers of nylon webbing encased in a plastic sleeve which will conform to the shape of the pole. (fig 1)



We also offer a plain top version for all other building trades and for homeowners. (fig 2)

We offer you Ladders painted with white high gloss enamel paint. This finish will last at least ten times longer than the best varnish. (fig.3)
Lamilite Ladders feature comfortable "D" section rungs. plus two "T" section rungs at the top of the ladder where linesmen need to stand for long periods. (fig 4,5)

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