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We are a New Zealand Company committed to providing local and international markets with highest quality innovative wood products.


We have been in business since 1937 and have a reputation for designing and manufacturing unique products which offer unmatched customer benefits.


We manufacture the world famous Lamilite Ladders. Our Lamilite Ladders are light, strong, stable, non-conductive and hard wearing.




The world renown Gull Oars and Paddles are made here at Pelco. We make a complete range of Oars and Paddles in almost any combination of length, blade size and grip type.

 We also have a well respected Joinery department. We have been in the Joinery Trade for over 75 years. This means our experience and reputation assures you of top quality work completed on time.

 For more information on Pelco please click on the 'About Us' link. Thank you for visiting Pelco.


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